I have a once-in-a-lifetime holiday adventure for you and your family. You can thank me later.

Have you ever been pond skating? It's fun as is, right? Sure. But what if there was something more?

More than skating on a lake or a pond? Yup. What about, according to a Bonjour Quebec article...

"Ice skating in a wooded labyrinth, maintained by zambonis, and stopping to feed the animals, is an experience not to be missed! In the evening, light effects allow you to take a most magical tour of the labyrinth... Dogs are welcome!"

This place looks like a magic wonderland.

Yes, if you were wondering, it is in Canada. However, it is only four hours north of Concord, New Hampshire.

I think people forget how close we are to Canada. Now, I'm not sure about your family, but a four-hour trip was nothing to my family when I was a kid.

So yes, this is in another country, but it is only four hours north of New Hampshire's capital. It's really not that far.

And this is something you and your family will remember for a lifetime.

This kind of concept takes ice skating on a natural pond or lake to a whole new level.

And to do this in Canada around the holiday season would be a holiday dream. Skate, drink cocoa, and even feed reindeer, all in an enchanted forest.

I saw videos on their Instagram page of people skating with dogs and even babies in strollers. Man, they do things a little differently up north.

But what a fun family trip this would be!

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