Snoop Dogg talks hot dogs in a Burger King Training video. It includes all the Snoop speak you could hope for and an obligatory (if subtle) joke about his notorious use of a recreational drug.

I've often wondered why hot dogs aren't a staple of among the fast food chains. Sure, relative newcomer Sonic sells them but it always struck me as odd that they never took hold outside of gas station convenience stores. Maybe they just need the hard sell as offered by Snoop Dogg to catch on everywhere.

You know relish ain't nothin' but chopped up pickles

-- Snoop Dogg

Snoop provides some important information regarding the hot dog and the available toppings in the video below. Did you know that relish ain't nothing but chopped up pickles? Of course you do, because it is because it is quoted above.


And then there is the Charo version. Frankly, I have no idea what to say about this one other than you really should watch it. It is strange and wonderful, much like Charo herself.

Look for Burger King's grilled hot dogs to debut on February 23rd. The regular grilled hot dog will sell for $1.99 while the chili cheese dog will go for $2.29.

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