I have really taken advantage of the nice weather recently.  I have taken some time at the beach to enjoy the waves and fewer crowds.  But I am reminded by the weather news from the BostonGloble.com that winter is coming.

Sooner than I thought it would.

Occasionally New England sees some snow mid-October but our chances of seeing some snow just went up.

There is a cold front on the way which will be coming in from the west on Friday and they will stop over eastern New England Friday evening into early Saturday when it begins to head eastward, the Boston Globe stated.

According to BostonGlobe.com, when a frontal system stalls along the coastline and there is warm air to the east and cold air in the west, that can make for storm conditions. We desperately need the rain to help put an end to our drought conditions here in New Hampshire.

It doesn’t appear that lower elevations will be cold enough to see snow, but I bet there will be some on Mount Washington.

If you are planning a hike this weekend, it’s going to be wet, and if you are hiking any peaks be prepared.  Conditions can change rapidly and there have been far too many rescues this year.

Use caution on the higher peaks in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, even a bit of snow can make the climber a lot tougher.

I have weekend plans to stay in and watch the rain from my window.  Please remember to be safe out there.  Winter is coming.

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