Winter storm watches are in effect that could affect travel Wednesday night into Thursday morning, according to the storm watchers at

Boston could get hit hard by this winter storm as could most of New England.

As I look out my window now the sun is shining and there is very little wind.  Not a hint of what is to come.  Winds will start slowly on Wednesday morning, but temperatures will remain low around 24 for the high, the news station reports.

Snow will start to fall in Pennsylvania, which is scheduled to get a pretty significant hit from this storm, according to

The NBC Boston meteorologist Matt Noyes says heavy snowfall will begin in Connecticut early evening then move on to Boston by midnight.  We can expect up to one to three inches per hour of snowfall, per the news outlet.  Then, it’s just going to keep falling on Thursday but may ease up before the afternoon rush hour on Thursday.

I’m so happy I have my snow tires on my car, but I suppose I will have to get up extra early on Thursday to clean off my car. The storm is expected to drop about a foot on snow in southern New England and could get as high as 18 inches, according to NBC Boston, but we will experience less snowfall in northern New England.

I love to watch the snowfall out my window.  I can’t wait to see the Christmas trees outside my place in Rochester covered with snow.  It may be sunny right now, but it’s about to look like Christmas.

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