Pet Tails Rescue in Northwood, New Hampshire, is an amazing organization. According to their Facebook page, they got several amazing kitties from their southern rescue partners.

Each kitten has come from an amazing foster home where they have been exceptionally cared for and pampered. They have been posting the kittens individually and it is tugging at my heartstrings.

Look at Daquiri and his sweet little face - I CAN'T!!

Tic Tac and Taffy are silver tabbies and have very pleasant dispositions. They are great with children and other cats. These 6-month-old bonded sisters cannot be separated so they are looking for a loving home that is open to two adorable additions to their family.

Here are the kittens the day they arrived at Pet Tails:

Pet Tails is hosting a kitten adoption event this Saturday from 11 am to 1:30 pm at Paw Tuckaway Pet Store in Raymond, NH. Please keep in mind if you would like to adopt a kitten that day you must fill out an application beforehand and be pre-approved.

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