We've said it before, but it needs repeating: We are New Englanders, and some of the biggest-hearted people you'll ever meet. New Englanders always rise to the occasion.

We asked you to send in your shout outs to businesses and people, no matter how big or small, and you delivered.

Take a look at some of the shout outs below, and keep 'em coming. We are going to get through all of this together.

Here are the Maine Shout Outs. (Scroll further down for New Hampshire Shout Outs.)

Leroy Crockett of Scarborough, Maine: Scarborough Buy Local would like to give a shout out to all of our members that are still open offering curbside service, delivery or gift cards. Now is a great time to support our local businesses and help them through these dire times.

Connor Winn of Portland, Maine: The Axe Pit started out in the back hallway of the Maine Warrior Gym, which in itself was also a small, budding business. We had one target, one axe guy, and one reservation at a time. It wasn't great but it was the start of something that would turn out to be wicked cool. Our success came from all the Mainers that were willing to try some different, something a little intimidating, something a little crazy, but undeniably Maine. We want to thank everyone for the incredible support and the fond memories.

Jennifer Proctor Froster of Norway, Maine: Thank you for still delivering our mail. Love ya!

Kris Hall of Scarborugh, Maine: Kris is working hard at Black Point Collision to get your cars back out on the road. With over 35 years of collision repair experience Kris will have your car looking better than new! Black point collision will get the repair done right the first time!

Beverly Simpson of Saco, Maine: Loyal Companion in Saco (Shaw's Plaza) is still open! We are offering curbside pickup for customer and employee safety, and appreciate everyone's efforts to keep each other safe and be kind to one another.
We can't forget to feed the pets too!

Craig Allaire of Portland, Maine: Shout out to Portland House of pizza staying strong and keeping on during this crazy time.

Keagan Allaire of Sanford, Maine: Shout out to Roger's supa dolla in Sanford for staying open. They are keeping meat and TP in stock through all of this, and keeping a smile and a friendly attitude through out! You guys rock!

Mary N of Harrison, Maine: Shout out to the volunteers at Harrison food bank who are daily putting their health in jeopardy for the impossible task of gathering enough food for those in need thru this crisis! Due to empty grocery stores, they are now driving 7 days a week and have 40 stops/pickups instead of 10. They went from feeding approximately 225 families to over 380 families in need due to jobs closing and lots of food banks closing because they were in churches, schools, or municipal buildings.

Ron Stephan of Ricetta's Brick Oven Ristorante of Falmouth and Saco, Maine: Ricetta's is continuing to provide curbside take out and delivery. We continue our vigilance in keeping our customers and staff safe through rigorous cleaning and safety measures and keeping abreast of the current state and CDC recommendations. HOURS: Curbside pick up and delivery are offered 3p-8p daily. Business delivery offered from 12-3p with 24 hour advance notice. DELIVERY: Call 207.781.3100 for delivery to Falmouth, Cumberland and Portland. Call 207.571.7700 for delivery to Saco, OOB, Biddeford and Scarborough. Check out our menu at Ricettas.com and on facebook for updates. Together we will get through this. We thank you for your past and continued patronage.

Delany Fletcher of Westbrook, Maine: I wanna give a shout out to all of the teachers because they have to deal with us kids for the most part of the day and then some have to go home and deal with their own kids....they do so much.

Sally Thompson of South Portland, Maine: A big shout out to Dunkin' in South Portland Main Street location. Thanks for being there at 3:00 AM with smiles on your faces despite the virus! As always your service is great and I appreciate what you do at the wee hours of the morning when I need my coffee on my way to work.

Jennifer of Portland, Maine: This is Jennifer from Individual Care of Maine. We are a company of caregivers who care for the elderly in home. I want to share my deepest gratitude to our team of caregivers who have kept up the good work to protect a very vulnerable population right now. You are the people on the front lines and should be so proud of your selflessness, hard work, and Grace in these times. I want a special shout out to Cassie who is quarantined in place with a compromised man. Cassie you have given the ultimate sacrifice. We all love and support you from the outside. You are a special and selfless person who is not afraid and deserves accolades far and wide from our entire community. You are a hero.

Moriah Park of North Waterboro, Maine: I want to send a shout out to ALL the essential workers out there- keep safe and thank you!! A special shoutout to the awesome folks at JD’s Package and Redemption who are still working hard in East Waterboro providing us with the “essentials”!

Eric Mcmaster of Farmingdale, Maine: Thanks to Eric and the amazing crew at tru blooms wellness for going above and beyond to make as easy as possible during this difficult time.

Darrell Merrick of Fürth, Germany: Happy Friday morning to Celeste & The Captian from Fuerth, Germany! I'm on day 12 of home office, and I am always doing with "The Blimp". Big shoutout goes to ALL medical staff - nurses, assistants, doctors and the people that do the difficult dirty work!! A big shoutout going to the people keeping the supermarkets and drug stores shelves full the best way they can!! Don't complain if it is not of stock, it will get stocked soon!! Peace to the Blimp and keep on rockin' the planet!!

Mike Mackenzie of Westbrook: Shout out to the Westbrook good year men.

Ben Collomy of Newfield, Maine: Just want to give a shout-out to the hard working crew at Humphreys bbq in Newfield! Smoke on!

A Resident of Scarborough, Maine: I would like to give a shout out to all of the hard working employees of Fleetpride for keeping the doors open and the trucks rolling with parts and service through these tough times.

Brittany Simpson of Falmouth, Maine: I work at Harmon’s Lunch in West Falmouth. It doesn’t look like much but it’s been a staple in the community since 1960. The building can’t even house more than 24 people inside at a time, but if you drive by during the summer on a Saturday afternoon you’ll see lines out the door and people eating at our picnic tables out back. This burger joint has been a part of my life, my parents life and my grandparents life. I’ve technically known my boss since my first memory of Harmon’s. He’s owned the business for 25+ years. The construction project going on in West Falmouth right now to add light posts and side walks is great and everything, but with the roads being torn up and all the one ways you have to get through to even make your way down Gray Road, it severely hurt business for them. Some of the regulars didn’t even want to make the trip because it could take 15 minutes to get past construction. Now with COVID-19 happening right now and having to close to take out only business is even worse. We weren’t barely able to make payroll for me and other employees. Deciding it was best to close down for a bit my boss decided to close until at least mid April. But who knows how long it could actually be until things have settled from this Virus. I’m asking everybody to please don’t forget Harmon’s. When this is over we’ll be welcoming everyone back to their favorite stop and working hard to stay open. Bring friends. Bring family. Buy gift cards. Just support your local businesses because they are getting hit hard during this time. Some more than others. Thank you.

Daniel Bourque of Falmouth, Maine: Cellularsales (U.S. Route 1. Falmouth) is committed to serving the community and making sure everyone has the ability to stay connected to their loved ones during this time! We are also dedicated to making it easier to work from home with various cellular products! Take advantage of our new "curb side pick-up" so you can practice social distancing and keep yourself healthy! Give us a call at (207)-781-2015 with any questions. Our hours of operation are 10am-6pm Monday-Friday and 11am-5pm on Sundays.

Michelle Woodford of Readfield, Maine: A huge shout out to all the food service peeps at the schools who are making sure our children are being fed during this time of school shut downs!!

Britney Merriam of Harrison, Maine: My name is Britney Merriam, and our business is called The Garden of Thomas. For the past few days, we have been posting "therapies" onto our Facebook page to help inspire and cheer our community up. Monday's "therapy" was about helping others. We went to Hannaford in Bridgton to fill up a grocery cart and donated everything we purchased to the Harrison Food Bank. Our town's food bank currently serves over 300 families. When we called that day to ask if they were out of anything specific, they told us that they needed everything. Today's "therapy" was about thanking your community. With all of the flowers we ended up with the other day for our other "therapy," we decided to give them away. We are very thankful for those who still have to work to help make this world go round as much as we can (and that means you too!). We wrapped up all of the flowers into small bouquets and distributed them throughout our town of Harrison, Bridgton, and Naples (placing the bouquets upon doorsteps and having someone come out to receive them). We traveled to the Bridgton Hospital, Naples Fire Department and Police Station, the Harrison Food Bank, Hannaford Supermarkets, the Post Office, the Town Office, and Evergreen Credit Union. There’s so many more of you out there, and we are so very thankful for all that you do. In these hard times, all we hope is that we have made people smile.

A Resident of Portland, Maine: I’d like to give a shoutout to Tom Allen for working at Walmart during these times, being incredibly friendly and helpful...all while being paralyzed on one side. Thanks, Tom.

Grateful Staff of Waterville, Maine: Woodlands Senior Living health care workers are being supported by the company in many different ways. We have been provided a generous per hour bonus for everyone. Keuregs and k-cups have been set out for staff as well as numerous snack choices. Staff appreciation days to keep us all motivated and cheerful! Shout out to this family-owned and operated business! Thank you Woodlands!

Melissa Libby of Lebanon, Maine: Working full time at Family Dollar in Sanford during all the madness!

Holly MacKenzie of Sidney, Maine: Holly works at Colby College with me and she usually leads a lunch time work out. Since we are “closed” and are working from home. She has figured out how to still do the workouts together! She is an awesome motivator. She is a Beachbody coach and everyone should have her as a coach!

Dave Mallari of Portland, Maine: I'm the Chef/Owner of The Sinful Kitchen in Portland.
We're open for brunch takeout of our regular menu this weekend and will be slinging breakfast tacos from our taco cart on Saturday from 9am-1pm. With a good turnout we may repeat this on Sunday. We'll be sure to have 94.9 playing on the radio outside. :-)

Mary Nicholson of Auburn, Maine: Shout out to Heathcos pizza and Variety at 375 Court Street (689-9175 or 689-9176). It's still OPEN FOR BUSINESS with regular business hours, take out and delivery. EVERYTHING that you can buy in the store is available for delivery. Tobacco and alcohol with an ID delivery. Stay safe out there!

Old Port Foreign Exchange at PWM Jetport in Portland, Maine: Even though travel has come to a virtual stand-still, kudos to the Old Port Foreign Exchange at the PWM Jetport for remaining open! While things are pretty quiet these days, it's nice to know when we recover, OPFX will be here.

Jessica Williams of Limerick/Oxford, Maine: The shop 29 Main St Limerick! Half price dyno tuning, free state inspection, and great rates on regular maintenance 20% discount. We’re still here to keep you running. New Oxford Dragway, 877 Main Street, Oxford, has 1/2 price season passes. Season opening still on schedule for April 18th keep checking in for updates. Go to www.newoxforddragway.com, our new website!

Jeff York of Westbrook, Maine: How about a shout out to all the truck drivers that are getting product that we so desperately need to the distribution centers! In turn a shout out to the distribution center workers for getting the product to the stores.

Maria Price of Westbrook, Maine: Fournier's Karate is leading the way to help kids stay fit and healthy! The instructors started online classes for their students in response to recommendations for social distancing. They now are opening this class up to anyone in the greater Portland community that would like the chance to get their kids moving while trying something new! It will take all of us to get through this. Fournier's Karate is glad to be doing its part in keeping kids and adults healthy. Please contact us through Facebook.com/FourniersLeadershipKarate or FourniersKarate@gmail.com for more information. We are looking forward to building a stronger Maine.

Jean Richards of Holden, Maine: To all the employees at Lafayette Cancer Care in Brewer still providing care to our patients. Doctors, nurses and all of the non-essential personnel. Way to go!

Kennith Couch Jr of Rumford, Maine: First Baptist Church of Mexico wants you to know: Nothing takes God by surprise! Nor are His children ever forsaken. Within reasonable precautions, stay in fellowship with your own church, or join us Sundays at 10:45 a.m. on Facebook. Go to: First Baptist Church Mexico Maine. Also find us and other local churches, and answers to life's questions, on TrueLife.org. Blessings from the Ministry of Missions.

Mike LeRiche of Southbridge, Massachusetts: To Mindy Picard Booker of Vassalboro, Maine, for reconnecting me with my son John after 25 years. Even though he was out of my sight, he was NEVER OUT OF MY MIND.

Peg Murphy-Mooers of Port Richey, Florida: I'm originally from the Cumberland County area and would like to give a shout out to Patty, Celeste, Mike and the staff at Rachel's on the Green in Cumberland for their flexibility in continuing to provide take out for their dedicated customers. They have gone above and beyond over the years to raise money and donations for folks in need and to provide a venue for all of life's celebrations. Please continue to support their good works by ordering take out or gift cards for a future meal! I really miss their awesome garlic/parm wings and Patty (Dunn) melts - nothing here in PR, FL, compares!

Aaliyah Paul of Saco/Buxton, Maine: I'm giving this shout out to my dad, because even through this virus stuff, he's still going to work every day and keeping a roof over my head. So thank you, Daddy!

Jasmine Doe of Saco, Maine: Giving a shout out to my business GB’s Pet Care! Need a break from your pup to get some work from home done? Check me out on Facebook, Instagram, or my website for more information! Thank you!

Frank Mello of Portland, Maine: Shout out to Hilltop Superette, they stay open and they have unlimited toilet paper!

Deb Mullen of Sanford, Maine: Shout out to all the people who have to be at work right now - banks, grocery stores, hospitals. To all the branch staff at Partners Bank - you are doing an amazing job of staying in top of this!

Tara Ferris of North Berwick, Maine: Johnson's Seafood and Steak in North Berwick, ME and New Durham, NH, is open 7 days a week doing Take Out, Deliveries and Curbside To-Go. If you're lucky enough, you may meet Jake (not from State Farm) The full menu is available as well as beer and wine to go for the over 21 crowd.
18 Elm Street North Berwick, ME
(207) 676-7900
69 State Rt 11 New Durham, NH
(603) 859-7500
Check us out online at eatatjohnsons.com and on Facebook.

William Ladd of Abbot, Maine: Carrabasset Coffee Roasters of Kingfield! Credit card window service helping keep a truck driver properly caffeinated!

Mike Uknown of Windham, Maine: Thai Place. Thank you for the 5 star take out!!
Our daughter loved the drunken chicken!! Thank you and your family for all that you bring to Windham!

Rob Rice of Phoenix, Arizona: Thanks to WBLM for playing great tunes and rock in’ us old Mainers, near & far! Listen with a little help from Alexa.

Kristie Hurlburt of Alfred, Maine: MES Foundation is still accepting online scholarship applications until 4/1 for Maine residents entering their first year of post-secondary education. MES will be providing ten $5,000 renewable to scholarships to Maine residents. Just go to www.mesfoundation.org.

Jeff Roy of Auburn, Maine: Roy's All Steak Hamburgers is open for take out 6am-6pm!!

Bill Vincent of Bridgton, Maine: I'd like to say thank you to the medical community for all they're doing, and the risks they're taking in an attempt to flatten the curve as nd make a difference. It may seem sometimes like you're spinning your wheels, but I promise you-- you ARE making a difference. Much love.

Emelia Bowie of Greene, Maine: Sedgley Place! Country Fine Dining turned takeout! Enjoy a wide range of options on the new take out menu! New menus each week always with a vegetarian option! Kids are accounted with Mac and cheese and chicken fingers! Times are tough but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an amazing dinner! We deliver! Open for orders 3-6! (207) 946-5990!

Jamie Nonni of Portland, Maine: Shout out to MunciPay, which posted this on their Facebook page the other night: With all of the depressing news related to Covid-19, we wanted to share with you something that our company is doing in hopes to help our local business community. Our MuniciPAY employees, who are all working from home, have been authorized to expense $50 per week through the month of April at their favorite local restaurants for take-out or local curb side pick-up of meals. While this amount may be small in comparison, it does allow for $2500 to be spent within the local economy over the next 5 weeks. We are hoping this gesture, with a little help from social media can help spark a trend for other larger business owners who can remain stable through these difficult times to follow our lead and help support their local communities in which we all cherish so much.

Robin Thayer of West Newfield, Maine: A shout out to everyone who is doing their part to keep each other safe! The New Deal General Store just across the ME/NH border
Is open daily till 6. We have Gas, beer, smokes groceries, wood pellets and much more. We are at 3365 Province Lake Road in East Wakefield, NH. Follow us on Facebook for business updates, local notices and any pending changes of interest to the local community. PS: Thank you to the DJ’s keeping us all going! Stay safe!

Matt Grondin of Maine: Big props to all the crew at ecomaine for keeping Maine’s trash and recycling moving!!! Thank you!

Cheryl Gibson of Portland, Maine: Cheryl and Tammie are still plugging away at Marisa’s salon in the forest ave plaza. We are hungry, so help us buy some food. Lol, so you can keep having great hair days ,call and make your appointment 772-1810. Thank you for your patronage!

Erika Gardner of Auburn, Maine: I sending a huge SHOUT OUT to the Maine Cannabis Community for keeping us medicated safely; especially Treeline Cannabis Co. and Dirigo Dank.

Norma Long of Limington, Maine: Sleeper Market in Limington. They are all the best group of people you can find.

Nathan England of Bowdoinham, Maine: I'm out delivering food for doordash and want to thank you guys and all the restaurants open still so we can get food to people who can't or don't want to go out right now.

Deborah Wilson of Lebanon, Maine: Giving a BIG SHOUT out to Lebanon Maine restaurants for staying open and offering Take Out or Delivery Options...
Darlene's Pizza and More, Lebanon Dunkin', Hometown Gas & Grill, Train's Tavern, Minor's Diner & Dairy Bar... You people are the HEART of Lebanon and your service to our town is very much appreciated.

Amy Alward of Portland, Maine: We love baristas+bites and they are delivering breakfast + lunch to our office, and they are open for takeout M-Saturday, 7-4pm. They'll even deliver to your apt/condo if you are located on the Portland Peninsula in their spiffy branded van. $ 50 minimum. Sign up for loyalty points and earn $10.00 off for every $100 spent. They also have the best breakfast burrito that's served all day and a slew of vegan + gluten free options in addition to being home to Love Kupcakes. Take a break from cooking + have baristas+bites prepare breakfast or lunch for you. 207-773-0800. 469 Fore Street

Sarah Durkee of Brunswick, Maine: My shout out is to Wild Oats Bakery & Cafe in Brunswick Maine they are open providing to-go soup, salads, sandwiches, coffee, bread, freezer meals, breakfast items, desserts, quiche and much more! Wild Oats Bakery is also selling items in bulk like flour, oats, eggs, pasta with GF option, sugar, milk and toilet paper spread the word!

Heather Pelletier of Hollis, Maine: To my little sista's business, The Hollis Pizza Garage. They also have 4 children (3 of them school age) and are doing their very best to remain open for people to be able to order food, pickup or delivery only. They are rockstars!!!

Pebbles Marquis of Bowdoin, Maine: Thank you to all who work in healthcare especially my work family at Hillhouse Assisted Living in Bath Maine! Keeping our residents safe and taken care of during this difficult time!!

A Mainer: Yes cashiers,truckers and doctors are keeping this country running but everyone easily forgets those still work to keep you connected. Cell carriers centers and some store are still open are still their to make sure you are connected while you are at home or if you are the one working. Most are at a 3rd of the staff and taking 10 times the standard volume. Shout out to TMobile in Oakland for helping keep us connected and it's employees covered no matter what this virus brings.

Shirlee Marchesseault of Oxford, Maine: I’m giving a shout to my son Tyler Durgan that works at the oxford Dunkin' on 26 in Oxford! Making sure everyone is getting there daily coffees through all this chaos!

Dave and Cathy Bergeron and Boutin of Auburn, Maine: Shout out to our favorite nurse Lori who has been taking care of us “old” folks that have been shut in for the past week and looking at too many more weeks to come...

Charlene Simard of Portland, Maine: I want to give a shout out to Susan’s Fish and Chips for staying positive and staying open for take out and trying to get through this crazy time.

Shawn Favreau of Auburn, Maine: A huge shout out to all my 8th grade students at Freeport Middle School for getting on board with remote learning from day 1. You are doing awesome at keeping current with assignments and as always, being great students. Keep it up, I can’t wait to see you again back in the classroom !

Belinda Marr of Berwick, Maine: A big shout out to Diane Dyer at 4 Corners Clean! Thank you for everything you do for us Sparklers, we will get through this.

Jean Rench of Buxton, Maine: I want to shout out to all the hard-working staff at Mercy Hospital in Portland who are working their butts off during this pandemic. They are being asked to work outside their normal positions and never complaining .You all rock!!

St. Francis Soup Kitchen of Waterville, Maine: The Saint Francis Soup Kitchen will continue to serve take out only meals on Saturdays from 11:00 - Noon. We are operating in the basement of the Sacred Heart Church on Pleasant Street in Waterville.

Deb of Littleton, Maine: To all the doctors nurses. food service cleaning staff and anyone else who is working to keep the rest of us well.

Laura Martinez of South Portland, Maine: Hi everyone from Laura cleaning services, we just want everyone stay safe; We are working will all precautions giving our services to the customers. Cleaning how we do is important now disinfect areas and maintain clean everything that’s our job. If you need me call 508-904-2200 and we will schedule the day and time.

Joanne Cerrone of Richmond, Maine: I'd like to give a shout out to Gerard's Pizza in Gardiner, ME. They are excellent to the community and treat their employees like family. Support them during these times and beyond!

Andrea Ogwudiegwu of Lewiston, Maine: I give a shout out to Ward's Market on Pine Street in Lewiston for keeping a stocked meat department and trying to keep shelves stocked. Great local business.

Ted Morgan of Gorham, Maine: This is Dr. Ted Morgan of Morgan-Hill Dental Care in Gorham. This is the most difficult time I’ve experienced in my career of over 45 years in dentistry. I’d like to offer a shout out to my incredible staff who have been going above and beyond in making sure our patients are comforted and cared for even more than ever. They’ve worked tirelessly to maintain a sterile environment and their flexibility with the moment to moment changes are admirable. Thank you to the Morgan-Hill Dental Care Team. We will remain open to our community for urgent and emergency care. Thank you.

Gabi Betters of Saco, Maine: Coastal Confections is the name of the business! It is a home bakery specializing in royal icing cookies. Thoughtfully made.

Darrell Merrick of Fuerth, Germany: I am originally from the Oxford Hills area, currently living & working for the fashion business in Germany. I always listen to the "Blimp" on the WBLM App in my car, and I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone back in Maine and the Blimp crew!

Frank Welch Jr. in Minot, Maine: I would like to give a shout out to my wife Pam. She is the deli manager at Shaw's in Lewiston. Not only my wife but her staff and all the employee's at Shaw's are doing their best to not only keep the store clean but the shelves stocked for customers. They are on the front line of this pandemic and are in harms way every day!

Jimmy Burns of Portland, Maine: Eldredge Lumber! We are here at 145 Presumpscot in Portland. We are here for you and are getting a trickle of supplies. Paper towels/hand sanitizer. A lot of people are coming in to tackle home painting projects and staying home. You can follow/like us on Instagram and Facebook which we will update with info regularly.

Sam Cooke of Farmington, Maine: Uno Mas, Java Joes, Tranten's thank you forkeeping us fed in Farmington.

Britt Bolnick of Saco, Maine : I want to thank Sweat Cream Dairy, in Biddeford, for offering to DELIVER their homemade ice cream now that they've had to close shop. I have 5 pints of homemade ice cream coming tomorrow! I also want to shout out the vet techs, vets, and front desk help at Brackett Street Vet Clinic, for going above and beyond to not upset service for pets who need medical care. They're amazing!

Teresa Erickson of Portland, Maine: Eldredge Lumber! We are OPEN! Give us something to do!! Call in your orders! We'll pick em, pack em, and ship em!!! (Especially paint!) You don't even have to leave your house!! Give us a shout!

Alison McCrady of Maine: I'd like to give a shout out to all the men and women in all the town's and cities of Maine who work at the dump, the transfer station, the recycling center, and on the back of the truck collecting our trash and recycling. That's one thing that is certain in life. We are not gonna stop making garbage. Lots of love to them who keep the system going.

Kelly O'Rourke of Portland, Maine: To Campbell Clegg, owner Maine Roasters Coffee Yarmouth; he cares about his Rock Star Baristas & loyal customers & is working to make modifications to reopen & safely serve the public....many thanks

A Mainer from Bath: I want to thank all the 9-1-1 dispatchers at Sagadahoc county communications dispatch center for all you do and still working during this rough difficult time right now. Continuing to help and answer the calls for our county. Also thank you to all the Topsham Fire first responders for your continued hard dedicated work saving lives during this time.

A Mainer from Auburn: I want to give a shout out to Enka and the crew at 84 Court Street! Your diligence through all of this and your efforts to keep your community safe (and fed) is beyond words. Even during this scary time, you are able to still provide us a taste of home and security. Thanks for all you do and continue to do. ❤ your fave patrons

Daleen Bowen of Lewiston, Maine: I want to give a shout out to all the staff at Montello Manor.: RNs, LPNs, CRMAs, PSSs, CNAs, Maintenance, Dietary, and Housekeeping/laundry! All of you play such an important role in keeping our residents safe, happy, and comfortable during the time they need it most.

Mary Fox of Windham, Maine: Thanks to Busy bee laundromat in Windham for staying open and remaining friendly and a good source of humor and clean clothes.

Britt Bolnick of Saco, Maine: I want to shout out Josh Davis, of Maine Recon, auto detailing, in Scarborough for including the service of using his ozone machine to disinfect the inside of my car in ADDITION to cleaning it so it looks like new!

Desiree Broadway of Dixfield, Maine: I want to shout out Towles Corner Store!

Robin Carney of Kennebunk, Maine: Thank you Rt 1 Wells Dunkin' early morning crew for being there for us and always greeting us with a smile thru these tough times!!! You are truly appreciated.

Chris Kast of Portland, Maine: Shout out to the folks in the restaurant industry who are doing all they can to keep things moving during these new and very rugged times. 33 Elmwood in Westbrook is offering a Grab & Go menu with lower prices, beer and wine basically at cost and when you pick up your meal, the place is large enough for you to have plenty of social distance between you and other guests. And since they have a very large parking lot you won't have to worry about blocking traffic or finding a curbside spot. Menu and order details at 33elmwood.com. Debit and credit cards only.

Holly MacKenzie of Sidney, Maine: Holly works at Colby College with myself. She leads a noon time workout and since we are working from home. She set up a Google Hangouts Meet and a bunch of us are joining her for these workouts. She is a great leader. She is a Beachbody Coach and everyone should have her as a coach!

Here are the New Hampshire/Massachusetts Shout Outs. (Scroll up for Maine Shout Outs.)

Chad Kozdra of Durham, NH: I want to shout out to the RN case workers at Wentworth Hospice. Despite lack of equipment, they are still seeing their clients daily. This is a hard job and even harder under these circumstances but they are pushing forward.

A Resident of New Hampshire: Thank you to all the grocery, retail, postal, healthcare, remote, law enforcement, and all other “essential” and “non-essential” employees doing everything you can to keep us fed, healthy, informed, safe, etc. Praying for your health and safety everyday! God bless!!!

Deb Basilere of Kingston, NH: Shout out to Kingston Insurance Agency in Kingston NH! I love my fellow employees and my employers. Be safe!

Amanda (Mandy) G. of NH: Just wanted to give a shout out to Mark & Tina Thompson of Thompson Lawn Service in Derry, NH. Hope all is well and you and your family are staying safe through this pandemic! God bless!!! :-)

Sue Desautels of Deering, NH: Shout out to Dunkin' of Milford. They are still serving.

Sheri Horton of Milton, NH: I would like to give a shout out to my pharmacy team at Walmart pharmacy in Somersworth! Also to everyone else that’s in the healthcare profession dealing with this epidemic.

A Resident of Rochester, NH: Just wanted give a huge shout out to EASTERN PROPANE. We are still open helping customers with their propane, Kero, Diesel, and Oil deliveries and also service. If our customers need help just give us a call @ 800-523-5237.

Brandon Pierson of North Hampton, NH: Shout out to The Copper Lantern Restaurant in North Hampton. They have been helping to feed the community for over 40 years! Trying to learn a news business model but are committed to trying to make it work. Best donuts on the Seacoast!

Scott LaBelle of southern New Hampshire: OnSiteTire.com is the perfect tire shop for social distancing. The service and convenience of our company that is our backbone stands out even more at this time. You can text us the information on the tires you need. We will bring the new tires with us and mount and balance them right in your driveway, office parking lot or on the job site. OnSiteTire.com can text you an invoice when the job is complete and you can pay using a credit or debit card right from the invoice. We enjoy seeing customers but during this time we are taking steps to help protect one another. Call or text 603-819-8759. Check out OnSiteTire.com on the web and on Facebook.

Mike Bears of Derry, NH: Shout out to Paul The Plumber, we are exhausting all efforts to keep our team and community safe while we provide an essential service!

A Resident of New Hampshire: Thank you to all employees at Market Basket in Londonderry! Many of you are like family to me! Praying for your safety during this pandemic. Also, a special “thank you” shout out to Bob (aka The Chicken Guy”) for the finger lickin’ rotisserie chicken - and for always being polite and friendly whenever I’m shopping. Thank you MB family for keeping our stomachs full & happy! I do hope every precaution is being taken to keep you and your families safe too! :-)

East Coast Lumber of East Hampstead, NH: We are open! Now offering free contactless delivery within 15 miles. Place orders online, or over the phone, and let us know where in your garage, yard or job site you would like them to be placed. Dreaming of that new kitchen or bath? Email one of our talented designers! They would love to hear from you! We hope you all are staying safe and healthy!

Timon Lemelin of Portsmouth, NH: We Tropical Smoothie Cafe located at 1600 Woodbury Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801 are open 7 days a week from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm for take out and we deliver all our menu items via Takeout Guys and Uber eat. Order Online or in Store to pick up a delicious Smoothie or food item. Our team is waiting for you.

Barry James of Windham, NH: Merrimack Valley Roofing has been deemed by MA and NH as a life-essential business. That means we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We have 106 employees ready to work (in groups of 8 or less) and offering deep discounts to anyone looking to keep us busy during this rough time.

Nathan Armes of Conway, NH: Shout out to Armes lock & key, 603-730-4405, 24/7 mobile locksmith. Thanks for the service you are doing. House calls in the time we need service

Chris Smith of Litchfield, NH: I'm giving a shout out to the barbershop on 102 in Litchfield NH for being open. I’m a first responder and we are required to get weekly hair cuts! So thank you for being open and having an extremely clean shop! Smells like bleach and Lysol; I watched her sanitize everything ! One in one out, no wait time.

Samantha Brown of Nashua, NH: Give a shout out to Huntspoint BBQ in Epping NH. Rhonda and Mike are killing it. Gotta go try the Jambalya.

Deb Lyons of Epsom, NH: We're shouting it from the rooftops: FMRC is open for business! Our crews continue to install metal and asphalt roofs (at a respectable social distance from the ground) and our sales and office staff are abiding by CDC protocol. Spring always brings a focus on home improvement projects (especially this years as we all have a bit more free time on our hands) so if a new roof is on your list, please give us a call at 603 736-9400 or visit online at www.forevermetalroof.com.

A Resident of Farmington, NH: Big shout out to the Tan family, owners if Farmington House of Pizza. In these times of need our small town comes together. Jodi and her family are making lunches and dinners for the children of Farmington.

Courtney Johnson of Haverhill/Newington, NH: Longhorn in Haverhill and Newington are open for to-go business. We are doing curbside and online ordering. Mention code#LH44 for an additional 15% off. We are now doing family packs. Check it out at www.longhornsteakhouse.com

Suzanne LeMay of East Hampstead, NH: Would like to shout out to all the doctors, nurses, LNA’s and house keepers that are in the front line. To all the Teachers that prepared these kids with school work to continue their education at home on short notice. To all those parents that have to home school their kids!! To all my co-workers at Partners Healthcare who had to disrupt their home life to be able to continue to work.

Troy Shupe of Manchester, NH: As a truck driver I wanna shout out to all my A.duie Pyle drivers we will keep pushing through this mess

Wendy Larson of Kensington, NH: Seaglass Restaurant and Capri Seaside Italian Grille, sister restaurants under the Atlantic Hospitality Group family of businesses in Salisbury, Massachusetts, are offering a selection of fresh seafood, fish, burgers and Italian favorites at reduced prices from each restaurant prepared from scratch daily by our Seaglass culinary team. Guests can order for curbside pickup by calling 978-462-5800, or order through GoferNH for delivery (www.gofernh.com) during the following hours: Monday-Friday 4PM-8PM Saturday 12PM-8PM. Sunday 12PM-5PM. In addition, beginning next week, both Seaglass and Capri will be offering delivery through GrubHub.

Jean Ann St. Pierre of Nottingham, NH: Gentle Birth Childbirth Educational Services is offering day and evening Prepared Childbirth or HypnoBirthing Classes by Skype! These are perfect for those who do not wish to be in a group class or if their classes were cancelled.

Dick Tasker of Pittsfield, NH: Shout out to Tracy Huyck. Owner of Main Street Variety. Delivering goods to families in need that don’t have transportation. Shout out to Joel Chagnon of Bell Bro’s convenient store for donating waters for lunches for students. Shout out to Jacks Pizza. Giving free pizza’s and the waters donated from Bell Brothers to Students for lunch at home.

A Resident from Exeter, NH: Big shout out to Smoky Quartz Distillery for producing hand sanitizer at their distillery for FREE distribution to the community!

A Resident from Haverhill, Massachusetts: Shout out to Let's Go Canine. They are a local family owned doggy daycare!

A Resident from Dover, NH: Fat Dog's Paul and Steph are 2 of the nicest people you will meet! The food is delicious and creative! Just go get some!

Randi MacGown of Dover, NH: Huge shout out to K9 Kaos in Dover! They are doing everything they can do to help owners with their pets. Giving them a safe place to play and be a dog. They are even opening earlier to let medical staff be able to drop off so they can get to work on time.

Anne Nichols of Dover, NH: Just a thank you to our boss Anne at K9 Kaos for caring so much to keep us working as long as possible and going the extra mile to check in with us!

Mae Roche of Lebanon, Maine: Shout out to Forward Merch in Dover, NH, providing all your band and broadway Merchandise wants and needs! Just because your favorite bands tour was canceled or your tickets for that broadway show were postponed doesn’t mean you can’t support the artists! Pick up some merchandise today and support not only your favorite band or thespians, but over 90 local employees at this locally owned and operated business! @jsrmerchandising and @Creative Goods

Chris of Fremont, NH: Big shoutout to all the propane and oil delivery drivers along with all the other trucks grinding gears to make sure everyone else is taking care.

Mark Preston of San Diego, California: I want to give a big shout out to Stephen at Port City Concierge. I live in San Diego, CA, with elderly parents living in Hampton. I’ve used Stephen before to bring my parents groceries or take them to doctor's appointments. Today,  rely on him more than ever. Give Port City Concierge a call for any basic concierge services you can’t get to yourself. 617-733-5765.

Rena Call of Groveton, NH: A few days ago I was struggling to put some heavy items in my vehicle. A truck driver went out of his way to offer his help. Thanks for offering to help!

Lisa DeFazio of Concord, NH: We had a great take out experience from Alan’s of Boscawen. Check their Facebook page for their abbreviated menu. The food was great, as well as the service. As usual. We even got a little inspiration written on one of our bags.

Charles Hooper of Middleton, NH: I would like to give a shout out to Diprizios Sawmill and Lavalleys Middleton building supply for keeping us working. So many places shut down right now with so many people out of work. I’m truly thankful to still be able to make a paycheck for my family! Like Clapton said lately we have been running on faith that we will all get through this sooner then later.

John Pattee of Rochester, NH: A shout out to the staff at WBLM for doing what they do! A perfect distraction through this craziness! We're all in this together and well get through this!

Kimberly Killerby of Rochester, NH: Trackside Cafe in Exeter for doing takeout orders.

Doreen Cary Elmo of Portsmouth, NH: I just wanted to say I am proud to be part of the HP team here in Portsmouth. My 5 co-works and myself are getting 600+ laptops ready for the Liberty Mutual folks that are working from home!

Wendy Kimball of Salisbury, NH: Giving a Big Shout our to the Triton Regional School District Lunch Staff! The Lunch Staff is going above and beyond by providing meals to students and families in the district. They are taking the meals on the road and delivering them with the help of the school bus company. Salisbury, Newbury and Rowley thanks you!!

A New Hampshire Resident from Farmington, NH: Jodi and her staff at Farmington House of Pizza. They are handing out brown bagged lunches for any students that are in need while school is out! It’s amazing!

Caryn Quaker of Rochester, NH: Rochester Manor is looking for penpals or artwork to brighten our residents day. They cant have visitors of any kind and are sequestered in their rooms for safety. 40 Whitehall road, Rochester, NH.

Jason Cole of Lebanon, NH: We are photographers and own a Magic Mirror Photo Booth and have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus problem. We decided to do a small good deed each day to help our communities that have made us so successful. We started out with buying $300 worth of food to donate to children in Dover and Somersworth for their End 68 Hours of Hunger Program. We then helped deliver 70 bags of food to drop off for kids who are out of school and didn’t have access to food because their schools were closed. We then brought hundreds of dollars worth of groceries to various families throughout Southern Maine and NH, one in Massachusetts.

We asked and continue to ask people to send us messages of families struggling and if we can, we will help them. Last night we got a request for a family of 7 that had no food. We hoped in the car and went shopping, bringing them several hundred dollars worth of food. Today we have compiled a list of seniors in our community who needed someone to go get their groceries so they didn’t expose themselves in the stores. We have picked up and delivered their groceries to them. We get these names thanks to members of our community sending them to us. We even got a call from someone out of state who has elderly parents in our area and their mom was requesting a certain meal from a certain restaurant that they frequently went to. So we surprised them, picked up the meal and brought it to their door. They had no idea it was coming!

Random, small acts of kindness during this time will help make this less scary. We don’t do it for recognition, we do it to be better neighbors, friends and family. We have a brand new vehicle that can be used for delivery, instead of letting it sit there, we offered it to groups to deliver meals to our most vulnerable kids and elderly. We have had events cancel, so we have free time so why not volunteer it.

Lets all do small acts of kindness to make this less scary. Please “like” our page and see some of the great things these small acts will result in. Send us a PM on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/gofotoyourselfnewengland) with other ideas we can do or groups that may need help. As long as we can, we will be out there daily doing these acts of kindness.

Lynn Pittendreigh of Exeter, NH: I want to thank the health care workers everywhere that are taking care of all the patients who are sick and scared. I want to thank the counselors who are helping those who are very anxious about this virus and the fear of the unknown. I want to thank the police and fire departments who are also dealing with people who are scared and sick. I am seeing so much good happening in this difficult time in our world. So much to give us hope that we will come out stronger than before all this started. I pray for all that are sick and for those families and friends who have lost loved ones. Finally, I would like to thank WOKQ for letting their listeners to express our gratitude.

Lauren Przypek of Brentwood, NH: I wanted to send a shout out to MaxCharles Salon in Greenland, NH. I wanted to thank Missi and Brandon for putting all of their stylists first and making sure we are all set during these crazy times. They are the best bosses anyone could ask for and we are all working together during these hard times. We are all in this together.

Donna Marcotte of Stratham, NH: Shout out to all Scrubbed Clean clients! Thank you!

Nicole Viau of Nashua, NH: Shoutout to the City of Nashua for working together to keep their residents healthy and safe during this time. Great teamwork.

Vanessa Staten of Hooksett, NH: A HUGE shout out to Log Cabin Tack in Hooksett NH. Our shop owners and managers are there, open, free shipping, free local delivery to your farm/barn. Helping out our Equestrian community any way we can. Thank you ladies for everything you do!

Lynn Pittendreigh of Exeter, NH: I want to give a shout out to the staff of SAU 16. I am proud to be a member of the staff at Lincoln Street School. The administration, teachers, case managers, secretaries, custodial staff, paraprofessionals, and endless other people are amazing! Thank you to all who are making the education and support for our students a priority. You are all my heroes! Miss you all and look forward to seeing you when we get back to school!!!

Lesley L of Manchester, NH: A huge shout out to EVERYONE at Catholic Medical Center for always pitching in and working together! WE ROCK!!!