When you get an 80-degree gameday in New England this is what the tailgate looks like: a full-on Lobstah Bake! mmmm look at all that butter...

The comments on these photos are saying generally the same thing "How do I get invited to a tailgate like this?!"

You can see in the background people are taking photos and videos of this unique spectacle. It's not every day you see a tailgate of this magnitude. I sure it took a lot of preparation, strategic car packing, and careful execution. Not unlike how our very own New England Patriots practice for a game. I am not surprised that Patriots fan would be able to pull this off but I AM extremely impressed!

Last year I went to tailgate that featured at 20-foot long Italian sub and I thought THAT was cool. Shoutout to the guy who executed this badass tailgate. Forget Tom Brady, you are the goat!

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