When Whitney Howarth went to visit the historic Hannah Duston statue yesterday, it appeared that someone went at it with a paint gun and the red paint was still wet.

According to an article by the Smithsonian, Hannah was possibly the first American woman to be memorialized in a public place back in 1874. She is quite the controversial heroine as she was involved in a gruesome murder in the late 1600's. The article states Native Americans are said to have murdered Hannah's baby. In retaliation, she then  scalped ten Native Americans in their sleep with a tomahawk. Then they canoed down the Merrimack River and presented the bodies to the General Assembly of Massachusetts and received a reward of 50 pounds. GRUESOME INDEED.

Whether or not you believe Hannah Duston deserves to be memorialized, vandalism is illegal. This incident was reported to the Boscawen police dispatch around 8:15 last night.

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