Can you imagine? You're out enjoying one of your favorite winter activities, and all of a sudden, things go terribly wrong to the point that your life is in danger? To make matters worse, there is no one around to help you! This scary scenario was a reality for William Rogers from Somersworth, New Hampshire. You might remember seeing the story on WMUR. William was out ice skating on Salmon Falls river on a gorgeous day in March of 2021. All of a sudden, he fell through the ice, and things got serious.

The news site reports that William tried to lift himself out of the water, but the ice just kept breaking underneath him. After a few minutes of struggling, the hypothermia set in. He tried to remain calm, and remembered he was wearing his Apple Watch. He called 911 and told them he had about 10 more minutes before he wasn't going to be able to respond anymore. The fine folks over at the Somersworth Fire Department didn't waste any time. They were there in five minutes, threw him a line, and pulled him to safety.

William's ability to stay calm in that moment when most people would be panicking and fearing for their lives is extremely impressive! He credits the Apple Watch for saving his life. Without it, he most likely wouldn't be here today.

Apple heard about William's tale, and featured him on an Apple Watch commercial. In the commercial, Bill reads a letter telling his story, along with others whose lives were saved by this piece of technology:

That's pretty powerful stuff. How can you watch that and not think "man, I really need to buy an Apple Watch". I know what I am asking for for my next birthday!

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