Birthday's have looked totally different this year. We grown ups can suck up not seeing our friends or having a big celebration for our birthdays. We have had our fair share of birthdays so it doesn't matter as much. Kids are a different story. Birthdays are a big deal when you are a kid! You are basically having a countdown to your birthdays all year round! When they day finally arrives you know exactly what you want and how you want to celebrate. NO ONE wants to celebrate their birthday stuck in their house without any friends, family, or fanfare.

For our Feel Good Fri-YAY segment on Chio and Kira in the morning, a man from South Berwick called to tell us an amazing story about his grandson's birthday celebration. On Wednesday, Collin turned 4-years-old. With everything going on in the world, Collin's mom Elisabeth didn't want his birthday to be a total bummer. Thankfully the Berwick Maine Police Department pulled out all the stops and gave Collin a birthday celebration he will never forget. And in case it slips his mind, there's a video to remind him!

It doesn't get much cooler for a 4-year-old than police cars and ambulances driving by with their sirens on to celebrate your birthday! The officer singing "Happy Birthday" over the intercom was a really nice touch. Happy belated birthday, Collin from your pals at 975 WOKQ!

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