There's a good chance you've never heard of Daniel Murphy, the 29 year old second baseman for the New York Mets. And if you have heard of him? Good chance it was because he has been criticized for taking paternity leave to be with wife after the birth of their first child. Seriously, people are criticizing him for this. It's insanity.

You'd think taking a few days off to be with your newborn child and your wife, in this case recovering from a C-Section, would be the norm. MLB allows for three days leave, certainly nothing excessive (I happened to use two weeks of vacation time), and blowhard sports-talk hosts in New York have said things like "You're a major league baseball player, you can hire a nurse" and that his wife should have had a C-section before the start of the season. I'm intentionally not naming them because they don't deserve additional notoriety for being in the wrong century.

He missed two games (over three days) for having his priorities in the right place. Two games out of 162 in order to spend time with his wife and child. Congratulations, Daniel Murphy, you have a new fan in New England! Best wishes to you and your family.