Speakeasies are one of my favorite types of bars. They always have a mysterious feel to it. When I think of a speakeasy, I immediately picture a dimly-lit establishment that nods to prohibition times.

Speakeasies became popular during prohibition as a way to serve drinks at a time when alcohol manufacturing, transportation, and distribution were illegal. They're hidden bars where people could sell alcohol without getting arrested (as long as they were not caught).

There are still speakeasies around New England, and most of them are super cool. The idea behind a speakeasy is simple. Typically, it is a bar inside of an establishment listed as a different kind of business.

Most speakeasies have hidden or tricky entrances, then and now. It's something that is not obvious, kind of like an an escape room. Pull a certain book out of a library, and boom, the speakeasy opens up. Type in an ATM pin, and boom, the ATM opens up into a hidden bar.

I have lived in New Hampshire for 10 years now, and just found out about a speakeasy in Claremont, New Hampshire.

This is the CrowBar Hardware Store.

On the outside, the CrowBar appears to be a hardware store. Knowing that it is a speakeasy, it is not a hardware store, but a hidden bar. But how?

I do not want to be the one to give away the trick, but the video below gives a pretty good hint at how to enter.

This speakeasy is not just a bar. The CrowBar is also a gorgeous restaurant with some immaculate-looking food.

Since the CrowBar is meant to be a well-kept secret, there is no website for the establishment.

There is a Facebook Page, which you can check out here.

But look at this meal. The meat looks cooked to perfection.

CrowBar Hardware Store via Facebook
CrowBar Hardware Store via Facebook

The CrowBar is located at 38 Opera House Sq in Claremont, New Hampshire. Good luck getting in, and cheers!

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