Our health care workers are working tirelessly and Nashua, NH is no exception. That's why they were grateful when they received a special thank you from first responders.

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center nurses were greeted with a line at shift change on Tuesday.  According to Patch, Nashua Fire Rescue, AMR, and Nashua Police all arrived in their uniforms to offer their thanks.

It was a mutual admiration when they were greeted with signs and applause from the nurses as well, for all they are doing during this Novel Coronavirus.

WMUR reports that the first responders, who arrived in their offical vehicles, were surprised by the returned applause and signs.

Captain Glenn Nielssen of the Nashua Fire Department told Union Leader:

“We are on the front lines of this together. These nurses are at risk every day, and we thought it was important to recognize their sacrifices,

We couldn't agree more!

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