Imagine yourself and your family are walking through a tropical forest.  You come across a group of dozens of butterflies perched on a tree.  Suddenly, they take flight, swarming around you!  It'd be like something out of a movie, wouldn't it?

Would you be surprised if I told you there was a place, not more than a few hours drive from where you are now, where you could find yourself surrounded by butterflies?  That place really exists and it's here in New England.

The Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens, located in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, opened their doors in October of 2000.  In 2004, they completed a massive expansion.  Right now, the attraction covers over 18,000 square feet and includes an 8,000 glass enclosed conservatory.

Acting like a greenhouse, the conservatory is a tropical 80 degrees year round.  Inside, there are thousands of butterflies, moths, and tropical vegetations.

After you finish with the conservatory, you can have some lunch at the cafeteria, buy a souvenir at the gift shop, and then (if the weather is nice) make your way to the Iron Butterfly Outdoor Gardens.

The gardens cover an acre and are filled with nectar-producing flowers.  These flowers attract native butterflies and other insects.

The conservatory is also open to hosting events.  Meetings, parties, even wedding ceremonies and receptions.  Instead of having doves released at your wedding, you could have a flight of butterflies released.  Yes, they actually do it!

Get more details about hours, rates, and special offers on their website.

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