The mild winter was bad news for New Hampshire's skiers, but it looks to be good news for fishers hoping to catch some trout.

Normally there are a couple of weeks of what is known as the "watching and waiting" period for open water, but on account of the water being open most everywhere already the April 1st date looks to be a hard start. That marks the beginning of open-water fishing on lakes managed for landlocked salmon, lake trout, and rainbow trout.

However, The New Hampshire Fish & Game Department do offer this warning.

Although vast amounts of open water are already present on most large lakes this mid-March, it is imperative anglers keep in mind landlocked salmon/lake trout managed lakes are closed to all open water fishing until April 1, regardless of the species targeted.  Only ice fishing (as ice permits) is allowed from the period January 1-March 31.  However, keep in mind numerous general regulation water bodies are open to fishing by all legal methods year-round, as well as, currently, streams/rivers which reopened January 1." -- NH Fish & Game Press Release

Find the the full press release at Wildlife.State.NH.US.

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