It's hard to believe how tiny he is.  This is Taru, a tiny malnourished bear coy found clinging to life in the woods.

Fortunately, the four-pound, five-ounce abandoned coy was rescued by New Hampshire Fish & Game and brought to the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hampshire.  The center takes abandoned bear cubs and coys from New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Little Taru, once regaining some strength, was introduced to another recently-rescued coy named Nur, who was found abandoned in Vermont, and only three pounds, five ounces.

Taru and Nur are best friends now, and thriving with the care they are receiving at the center.

If you don't know, a cub is a young bear, but a coy is a cub in the first year of life (cub of the year).  These youngsters are unfortunately abandoned for many reasons, such as the mother being killed by hunters, or a flood in the den.  Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.


Thank goodness for the work of bear centers across the country, including the Kilham Bear Center.

You cannot visit the center because it's not open to the public.  This is a sanctuary where the bears are rehabilitated and researched before being released back in the woodlands when they're ready.

You can follow the rescues on the center's Facebook page, and can watch videos to track their progress.

There's something so innocent and heartwarming about watching these cubs and coys grow, learn, and have a shot at living full lives.

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