Well this is a ssscary ssstory that happened on Sssaturday morning! A guy in Stoughton, MA found a boa constrictor all curled up under the hood of his truck.

Stoughton Police Department Facebook page
Stoughton Police Department Facebook page

Joe Reed told WBZ-TV in Boston he was definitely startled when he popped the hood just to check the fluids. Not knowing what to do about a huge snake on his engine block, he called the Stoughton Police Department.

According to Fox News, multiple police officers, and an animal control officer, showed up and managed to safely remove the snake from its hiding place.

The Stroughton Police Department had some fun with the rescue. Posting on their official Facebook page, they said, "They received no help from the supervisor on duty as he was hiding as far as he possibly could from this incredibly dangerous mission. ACO Heal took the snake and it will be properly cared for."

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