The happy patrons wanted the entire staff to enjoy their abnormally large tip.

Every once in a while, stories like this one pop across your screen. Most of the time, these stories of goodwill happen far away from home. Here's one which actually went down here in New England. Service industry hours are long, and often thankless. Full of rude customers and measly tips. That's why stories like this one in Waterville, Maine are heartwarming, especially in the manner the patrons wanted the generosity divided.

According to News Center Maine, Saturday night at the  Silver Street Tavern and Restaurant in Waterville became memorable,  after an anonymous customer left a $2,000 tip on a $48.70 bill.

The way it was divided up was also unique. Saturday night, 14 staffers were working on the evening Saturday night, including waitstaff, bartenders and kitchen staff. All divided, each employee picked up an extra one hundred forty two dollars.




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