I know I'm a little late to the party, but I was glad to hear that this spotted turtle was returned safe and sound.

I am a turtle owner and though Schlomo is lower maintenance than most pets, she still requires certain foods/conditions to ensure that she is living her best life. Perhaps you heard me share on air that after eight years of thinking we were raising a boy turtle, my turtle has come out as a female. She did that in the form of laying several eggs in her tank. She then proceeded to eat the eggs. Thankfully they were not fertilized but the entire ordeal was disturbing none the less.

My point being, the team at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center poses the knowledge to keep that spotted turtle happy and healthy. According to their Facebook page Spotted Turtles are a threatened species in New Hampshire and legally protected which means that possession, sale, import, and taking is illegal. I am glad whoever swiped the little guy decided to return him to his happy home. There I go assuming all turtles are boys again. When will I learn?! Shout out to the Holderness PD who are handling the situation going forward.

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