You go to school for years with one goal in mind...walking across that stage and being handed your diploma. So imagine the disappointment, stress and frustration of getting stuck on a train...on graduation day.


A guy was on his way to his nursing school graduation on the New York subway          when the train had track troubles. So he missed his graduation because the train          was two hours late to his final destination. The whole time he was wearing his          purple cap and gown when subway riders decided to hold an impromptu          graduation ceremony for him.

CNN reports, one rider created a fake diploma before another played Green Day’s ''Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).'' He told the news he could tell everyone was kind of upset because of the delay. So he decided to break the tension by thanking everyone for being there for his graduation. Everyone laughed and started cheering, and decided they’d throw him an impromptu graduation.

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