Does the Granite State have a Peacock problem? Probably not, but over the weekend, a situation with played out on the Newton/Plaistow area.

Here's something you don't expect to read about in New Hampshire; a peacock on the loose, and apparently terrorizing people across two communities. According to WMUR News 9, Newton police captured a peacock Sunday, after it was causing problem in multiple neighborhoods along route 108 in Newton and Plaistow. According to police, the peacock did not have any identification on him. So, if you know of someone who has suddenly misplaced their peacock, authorities in Newton would like you to contact them at 603.382.5586.

"The Newton Police Department has captured the peacock who has been terrorizing residents of Rt. 108 in Newton and Plaistow for the past few days," the department posted on Facebook. "Based on the area he was caught he could be from Newton, Plaistow, Merrimac or Haverhill." "Thank you to the Plaistow Police Department ACO who assisted our ACO and duty officer in his capture."


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