We all know that living in Boston costs an arm and a leg (take that back, both arms and both legs). It's no easy financial feat, and most of us would consider ourselves lucky to snag a somewhat ok place for a non-exorbitant price.

But take a step back for a second, and imagine you had $7.5M in your pocket to spend on a place to call home in the city. Perhaps this spacious luxury condo, listed by Beth Dickerson with Gibson Sotheby's International Realty, would suit your fancy. And hey, even if you can't envision having the dough, who doesn't love seeing the inside of fancy homes and observing how the other half lives? So, let's learn more about this place.

This $7.5M condo is located at 409 Commonwealth Ave #B, just a 12-minute walk from Fenway Park. It is part of the Bradley Mansion, which has 11 total residences according to the real estate agency. The 4 bedrooms, 4 bathroom home has been so "extensively restored and meticulously renovated", that one might feel like 19th century royalty when entering its rooms with their high ceilings and natural lighting. You can also enjoy stepping out onto your own private outdoor terrace, or your own privately enclosed fireplace and grill.

So, what are we waiting for? Let's take a look inside this condo. Also, feel free to check out the floor plan here, courtesy of the Bradley Mansion.

Live Luxuriously in This Stunning $7.5M Condo in Boston, MA's Back Bay

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With the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots over a combined $500M, this wouldn't even be a hit to your purse or wallet!

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