That's what I call it a lot on the air, but for the next couple of days it rings with a dangerous truth.  

As hearty New Englanders we joke about the cold, but temps on Tuesday and Wednesday are no joking matter.  As with all things, the key is to be prepared.  The CDC has a handy guide for days like this. Bundle up, use layers of clothing and minimize the amount of exposed skin before you head out on your morning commute.  I compare days like this to our occasional Winter trips to the summit of Mount Washington where the 103.7 transmitter lives.  If we have to go in the Winter, we hitch a ride with either the Mount Washington Observatory or the Mount Washington State Park folks.  They both have sno-cats to travel the Mount Washington Auto Road.  Before any of us can go, we have a checklist of gear we must wear or have with us.  Why?  If the sno-cat should break down, you could find yourself spending time outside in sub-zero temps.  It's never happened to me, but it did happen to our Chief Engineer Bob Perry once and he didn't enjoy the experience.  You may have a short morning commute, but if your car breaks down and you find yourself on the side of the road with no heat, you'll be glad you bundled up!