Celebrity Sighting! Susan Sarandon has been in our area on the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders, according to fosters.com.

She made a stop in Brown’s Bagel Shop in Newmarket much to the delight of its owners.

While Sarandon did not buy a bagel, she did have a sampling of banana bread which she loved.

According to fosters.com Sarandon hung around Brown’s Bagel Shop for more than an hour taking photos with the owners and other guests to the shop.

Brown’s wife Jessica said in the article, “She’s very pleasant, very down to earth. She was happy to talk to everyone who came by, so it was great to have her stop by.”

Sarandon has been a long-time supporter of Bernie Sanders and her appearance is part of what makes the New Hampshire primary so famous. This time is filled with celebs campaigning for their particular political favorite so you never know who you will run into at your local bagel shop or diner.

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