Thieves broke in with a rock, but couldn't get past extra security leading to the larger supply they were after.

Police are still on the lookout for suspects in a crime which had high heist written all over it. According to the Union Leader, authorities in Dover responded to Temescal Wellness after an alarm-monitoring company notified them of the alarm triggered just after midnight Thursday. Multiple officers responded, including their Crime Scene Unit, and determined the suspects used a rock to break a glass door, accessing the customer service area of the dispensary.

The customer area, showroom if you will, was probably not the game they were after. If you're going to attempt to knock down a marijuana dispensary, you're not going to consider a few samples a decent haul. According to the Union Leader, the thieves were unable to access the marijuana storage area, which has several additional layers of security. You know, the big stuff. However, they did get away with a few samples.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Dover Police Department at 603-742-4646 or the Dover Crimeline at 603-749-6000.



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