I thought the name was a joke. It's not.

The WORLD'S largest taco festival takes place in New Hampshire every year. Let me be the first to apologize for getting this information to you so late, because it is happening tomorrow.

But it is confirmed: the world's largest taco fest is in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The event is known as "Taco Tour Manchester," and it is a big deal. Well, if you consider shutting down Elm Street in Manchester a big deal, then it is.

According to the event website, Elm Street will be closed to vehicles, allowing locals and tourists to walk the street trying any of the 60+ taco vendors.

"Taco Tour Manchester" is scheduled for May 2, 2024, for four hours (4-8 PM). That is plenty of time to load up with tacos.

And all tacos are only $3. So go hungry and bring your $20 bill. You'll get six tacos!

While you are sampling tacos at the world's largest taco fest, make sure to vote on them. The voting is all online here. The winning restaurant walks home with $1,000 for their restaurant, so get out and support your favorite taco spots.

The event has not specified "cash only". However, it says "bring CASH" all over the website. So my guess is vendors might accept cards, but they are advising all to bring and pay cash to speed up the process (as this event will draw thousands of taco consumers).

Some taco vendors will be selling alcohol as well, but they must be consumed at the location they were purchased. Street tacos > Street beers.

Remember, the event takes place TOMORROW, May 2, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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