What Is Your After Hours Guilty Pleasure...Food?
A great breakfast, a sensible lunch. You MAY even bring baby carrots to snack on at 3pm! You absolutely kill at eating well all day, but what about at after hours?
I wouldn't call my goal of riding 5,000 miles on a bicycle this year a New Years Resolution...
Roy Drinks Homemade Dewitos
Can't find Dewitos at the grocery store, but still craving an artificially flavored nacho cheese soda? Of course you are! We have a step-by-step video that will have you drinking liquified Doritos/chunkified Mountain Dew in just minutes!
A Super Bowl Ad Is How Much??
Super Sunday won't be  here for weeks yet, but the hype over the commercials has already begun. In an interesting move, many companies are once again releasing their Super Bowl commercials ahead of the game to drum up some more buzz about them.