A great breakfast, a sensible lunch. You MAY even bring baby carrots to snack on at 3pm! You absolutely kill at eating well all day, but what about at after hours?

I wouldn't call my goal of riding 5,000 miles on a bicycle this year a New Years Resolution. Somewhere late last year, I knew I could step up a notch my projected 4k for this year. In the riding sense, I'm off to a good start, and should close the month north of 500 miles. It's what I do post-ride that's the problem.

Pretzels...lots of pretzels.

I've always been terrible with portion control. Throw in a vigorous workout, and it's easy to plop in front of the TV with a bag, and a respectable amount of time to kill. If anything, evening eating is my kryptonite. Doctors say you shouldn't eat after 7pm. Heck, half my calories are consumed after 7pm!

No way I'm alone here. Whether it's ice cream, chocolate, Doritos, or something else. What is the late night item you can't put down?

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