These 33 Wicked Epic Photos Give You a Real Taste of Summer in Maine
The summer of 2021 will go down in the history books as one of reconnection; with friends and family, nature and live music. Mainers received their Covid-19 vaccinations and enjoyed concerts, canoeing and cook outs. Taking nothing for granted, they captured lots of pictures; there were moments of co…
New Menu at Sonny's
And with the glorious time change, now we can enjoy Sonny's Happy Hour from 4-7 Monday -Thursday in DAYLIGHT!
Abandoned Wonderland Pics
For nearly 75 years, Wonderland Greyhound Park operated in Revere. It closed five years ago and, as evidenced by the fine camerawork of photographer Brian Cummings, has quickly fallen into disrepair.
Farewell to the Hilltop
A buddy of mine from Danvers informed me that Hilltop Steak House was demolished yesterday. Fortunately, an adventurous Lynn photographer was able to capture the iconic restaurant on film one last time.