These days, there's not a whole lot you can do for just $12. But the Amtrak Downeaster is willing to bring you from New Hampshire to Freeport, Maine, for just that! 12 buckaroos! ($24 roundtrip)

Do you ever want to go somewhere but the idea of sitting in traffic and looking for parking is so daunting you opt to just stay home? Taking the train is such a fun and affordable option and you don't have to worry about feeding the meter once you get to your destination.

Also, the Amtrak train ride is an experience in itself. You don't have to focus on the road and other drivers which gives you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and take in the sights! Bring a great book or podcast and enjoy some YOU time.

Hungry? Why not grab a Whoopie Pie or another delicious treat at the Downeaster Cafe? They also sell alcohol if you're celebrating something or you're just happy to be alive.

Also, did you know they are pet friendly? Bring your dog or cat along for the adventure. They just ask that you make a reservation first.

Also, if you have Covid concerns, Amtrak has thought about absolutely everything. Their site states ridership is limited to 50% capacity and they are taking health and safety protocols extremely seriously. All trains are equipped with onboard filtration systems with a fresh air exchange rate every 4-5 minutes. Check out their full list of safety measures.

So, where to? Boston? Portland? Freeport? It's only a train ride away!

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