One of the big concerns on my mind, and I’m sure yours, is making sure our elderly neighbors, friends and relatives are able to get the supplies they need without compromising their health.

Target is now helping in that endeavor.  USA Today is reporting that Target will now dedicate an hour each week for the elderly, as well as those with other health concerns making them vulnerable to Covid-19, to shop.  Target CEO Brian Cornell said “ families are counting on Target for critical supplies during this challenging time, and we’ll continue to do all we can to keep our stores open.”

Shoppers that are the most vulnerable will be able to go to the store every Wednesday as Target will be reserving the first hour of shopping for them.  This will go into effect for over 1,800 stores nationwide.

According to USA Today, the store is also asking other shoppers to plan accordingly around this time frame.  Target is also placing limits on certain supplies and asking shoppers to only purchase what they need.

Other stores also offering senior shopping times include Dollar General and Whole Foods.

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