What began as a discussion about the removal of one way aisles throughout Granite State grocery stores, ended as a gripe session about other common pet peeves. Here are 5 of the most frustrating, for your enjoyment.

The 5 Most Frustrating Pet Peeves At New Hampshire Grocery Stores

Thankfully, the one way aisle is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I got the hang of it eventually and never went more than two strides in the wrong direction. But the people exhibiting total disregard for it always bothered me to no end.

The cell phone talker can completely throw me off my shopping game as well. I spend half of my time trying to get outside of earshot of them. If they have the phone on speaker? There isn't enough square footage in the entire plaza for my escape.

Standing in the express lane staring at a cart that is loaded with more items than a conestoga wagon headed to the Oregon trail? Don't even get me started.

However, Sarah mentioned that sometimes the express checkout workers will take a full cart if they are empty and there are long lines forming in the other aisles.

This made me wonder if I have ever given a sour expression to any shopper that was just doing what they were told.

Caller Ed said that on many occasions there have been multiple carts around his vehicle and he feels compelled to wrangle them for the convenience of the entire grocery shopping community.

I feel ashamed that I never thought to do that, but will do so now if given the chance.

So many of these pet peeves can be avoided if we all just took two seconds to focus on common courtesy.


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