I've never been a fan of frozen pizza. But on those days when you don't feel like making your own, or the temperature is below zero and you don't feel like getting bundled up to go out, and and you're too hungry to wait for delivery...then frozen pizza is the answer.

I discovered a couple of months ago, frozen pizza has come a long way from when I was in high school and college. Over the past few years the quality, and the quantity of frozen pies has skyrocketed. And for those of us that consider ourselves pizza aficionados...that's great news.

Since we've been locked in our own New Hampshire deep freeze for the past week or so, I stocked up on three different brands of frozen pizza; Screamin' Sicilian, Urban Pie, and American Flatbread...and decided to give all three a try to decide which one was the best. As I looked around for someone to help me out in this culinary endeavor, I turned to my teenage son and a couple of his friends. Who better than a group of starving teenagers to give me their totally unbiased opinions?

First of all...all three pizzas were good. They were each unique and tasty in their own way. I love American Flatbread Company because it's made right here in the Granite State. And while the frozen pizza is good...and it's uses 100% organically grown wheat crusts, fresh herbs veggies and cheese...there's nothing better than actually eating it hot out of their wood-fired oven in an actual American Flatbread restaurant.

Urban Pie Pizza is a small batch, craft pizza. My teenage son and his friends devoured it so quickly I didn't even get a chance to taste it. They loved it and thought it was the best of the three. Jack has made me swear we'll get it again on our next grocery store visit.

And then there's Screamin' Sicilian. This is HANDS DOWN the BEST frozen pizza I have ever eaten. We taste tested the Supremus Maximus Supreme pizza. It was full of veggies, pepperoni, sausage, and cheese. It was better than many take-out joints I've ordered from over the years. And definitely better than anything I've made myself. If you love pepperoni...be sure you try my second favorite, the Holy Pepperoni. Eat it now...thank me later.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media
Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

Unscientific? Yes. But did it pass the taste test of a couple of teenage boys, and a self-proclaimed pizza aficionado? Yes it did. Will I stop ordering out or going to my favorite pizza joint for my favorite pie? Nope. But when the windchill is 15 below...frozen pizza is clearly not a bad choice.

Bon appetit.

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