It Won’t Be Larry’s But the Clam Bar Will Soon Be Back in Business


Larry’s Clam bar was in business for so many years after opening in 1961.  The owner, Larry Haggett closed down the Clam Bar back in 2016 and passed away at 83-years-old in 2019 according to reporting by  Many residents of the area have fond memories of getting seafood and ice cream from Larry’s walk-up window.  There was even a machine that laid eggs with prizes in them.  The machine is gone but Larry’s memory will live on.



New Owner, New Name


While it won’t be “Larry’s Clam Bar” anymore it will be serving seafood and there are plans for soft-serve ice cream at a walk-up window.  The new place will also feature a fish market.  This is all the idea of Bob Pagliarulo who knows a bit about the restaurant business.  He owns the Saddle Up Saloon in Kingston and survived the pandemic.  He’s anxious to breathe new life into the building and help create fond memories for a whole new generation.


Supportive Town


Pagliarulo tells “It will be the same great food as before. The building inspector and the health inspector have asked, ‘What can we do to help you?  That’s what they’ve asked me.”  It seems the whole town is behind Pagliarulo in building back the Clam Bar.  Pagilarulo has had his eye on the building for a long time.  While the pandemic kept him busy, the clam bar was never far from his thoughts.  Now the dream will become a reality.  I can’t wait for the grand opening of the new place.


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