Alien Abduction Stories Started in New Hampshire


UFOs have been in the news a lot lately with the declassification of some government reports.  While those reports have been inconclusive meaning there are still many sightings of objects in the skies that have no logical explanation, I discovered the first report of an alien abduction that happened right here in New Hampshire!


So Important, there is a Historic Marker for the Event


According to, there is even an official New Hampshire state historic marker to commemorate the event.  It can be found along a quiet section of US State Highway 3.  Betty and Barney Hill spotted an unusual object with lots of lights in the sky along US State Highway 3 on their ride back from visiting Niagara Falls back to their home in Portsmouth.  On that cold September night in 1961, Betty and Barney knew something strange had happened, far from just seeing an odd light in the sky when they discovered their watches had stopped and they felt dirty and very strange.


More Details of the Encounter


They reported their experience to the Air force and became part of the Project Blue Book top-secret project. According to they were placed under hypnosis and revealed startling details of being taken aboard a spaceship, being subjected to medical tests, and even have conversations with the beings aboard the UFO.  Their case was so widely publicized, according to, that they became an odd type of celebrity figure.  So, if you are taking a trip down US State Highway 3 on a dark night and spot weird lights in the sky, just keep going.  If you want to learn more about the story, there was a book written back in 1966 titled “The Interrupted Journey: Two Lost Hours Aboard a Flying Saucer,” by Benjamin Simon.  It is currently available on Amazon.  Check it out.

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