The Massachusetts Lottery gave WHDH in Boston a list of some of their 'lucky' locations. Meaning, these stores have seen some big winners over the last several years.

According to WHDH in Boston, the number of big winnings is a direct reflection of the number of tickets sold. However, the list, which dates back to the year 2005 shows how many scratch tickets worth one million dollars or more were won in each of the 'luckiest locations!'

Every once in a while, I'll get a couple of scratch tickets at my local store if I have a few extra dollars in my pocket. But, I never seem to win anything over $2. I get excited on those rare occasions when I hit for $5. I can't imagine the feeling of winning a huge prize.

Now, we just have to do some digging and find out the luckiest locations in the Granite State for our own lottery tickets.

Happy scratching!

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