My love of Mud

I love mud.  I used to have a Jeep that I would take off-roading and my favorite part was taking my Jeep deep into the forest and plowing through mud.  I loved driving through deep puddles and even have gotten seriously stuck in the mud at times.

Once I got the winch on my Jeep, I thought I was invincible.

Sadly, my mechanic explained that my Jeep was not designed for my favorite hobby and my wife was less than pleased having the engine replace for like, maybe the third time.

Off to the Rocks

I decided to stay away from the mudding in the Jeep because it was getting expensive and tried my hand at some rock climbing but found that a little too terrifying.  I enjoyed taking my Jeep to the beach, but nothing was like mudding.

Then I spotted an article in the about an ATV Festival!  What?  This may be just what I have been looking for!

The pictures posted in the article look like so much fun.  I think I must find a way to go ATV mudding.

ATV Invasion Coming to Gateway Family Campground

The ATV Festival at Jericho Mountain State Park was canceled due to COVID last year, but it looks like a new event called the Androscoggin Valley ATV Invasion will be held on July 30 and 31, 2021, according to This is in Berlin, New Hampshire.

I need to find a place to rent an ATV and find someone experienced to hit the trails with.  This looks like something I could really dive into.

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