Instead of shelling out up to $60, fans can now take advantage of a new option. However, you'll have to pay in a different way.

After you've spent money for tickets, dropped a ton on merch, and even a few more dollars on overpriced beverages, you also have the parking fee. One of these could be removed from your budget, but it's still going to cost you in a different way.

Free parking a Gillette stadium.

According to CBS 4 Boston, Gillette Stadium will feature what they are calling a delayed exit lot in Lot 55 that will allow fans to park for free. The catch? Cars won’t be allowed to leave the lot until 75 minutes after the game ends. Wait. When is the last time you were able to get out in under 75 minutes anyway?

The news comes on top of the fact certain parking fees will increase The cost to park in lots on the Gillette Stadium side of Route 1 will increase from $40 to $60 for games. All is not lost, lots across the street will be cut from $40 to $30 this season.

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