Well, it turns out the power of social media works!

A few months ago, I wrote a VERY passionate opinion piece about a situation that occurred at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

It stirred the pot. With well over 225,000 readers and employees from the MGM messaging me, I knew it was a hit.

The entire article is here...but I will summarize it VERY quickly.

Basically, I went to a concert and asked for a cup of water from the bartender. I was trying to stay hydrated while drinking, dancing, and sweating at this jam-packed concert.

I was told, every time I went to the bar, that they did not have cups of water available. Nor did they have the $2-$5 bottles of water on deck. Instead, I would have to buy a $10++ CAN of water, known as Liquid Death.

This was CRAZY to me. So, in the opinion piece THAT BLEW UP, I said that their rule was ludicrous. I would exaggerate it to say selfish and dangerous.

My point? Water should be readily available for concertgoers. Really, water should be readily available and free at any venue. Instead of robbing guests to buy a $10 can of water, allow your guests to serve themselves, hydrate themselves, and enjoy a fun and safe night out.

Well, the power of social media worked!

Through hundreds of thousands of readers, comments, shares, etc., within two months, the MGM Music Hall at Fenway has made a change.

A friend of mine was at the Boston concert venue and sent me this image.

Rob Carr
Rob Carr

Do you see it? A jug of water with paper cups right on top of the bar.

Now, I am not sure if it is self-serve or if the bartenders actually hand you the little cup, but it does not matter.


I was furious with how the MGM handled the water situation at first. Now, I have nothing but the utmost respect for everyone over at the MGM.

I think it is really hard to stomach losing money (which they could easily make by charging for water). Instead, they are choosing to lose out on money to ensure the hydration, and therefore safety, of their guests.

Well done, MGM. Good change. Thanks for listening.

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