Short Story: The Stanley Cup will be in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, at some point this summer.

Long Story: This is a slap in the face...but here we go anyway.

If you did not know, the 2023 Stanley Cup Champions were the Vegas Golden Knights, coached by Bruce Cassidy.

Bruce Cassidy is the former coach of the Boston Bruins, coaching from 2016-2022. During those years, he lead the team to one Stanley Cup (which they lost) and three conference finals. As a coach, those are some solid stats.

After being fired from the Boston Bruins, Cassidy headed to the Vegas Golden Knights. During his first season with the team, he led the team to a Stanley Cup Championship.

Here is the kicker: he's bringing the cup to Cape Cod, but not as a Bruin.

Bruce Cassidy vacations in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the summer.

One really cool thing that the NHL does is that every member of the team, coaches, players, assistants, etc., gets one day with the cup.

Many players bring it to their homes, their high school, their town hall, etc.

Cassidy has made it very clear that he is bringing it where he will be this summer – the Cape.

“I’m a big boy. I can deal with it,” Cassidy told The Athletic’s Jesse Granger. “What I was more concerned with was we have a house in Cape Cod, and we like it there in the summer. We have a lot of roots there. I worked there for 15 years and the kids were born there."

So Bruins fans, how do we feel about this? Obviously, it is extremely ironic that the former  Brunis coach will be bringing the Cup to Massachusetts the year after he is fired from the Bruins, the year the Bruins break NHL records for regular season wins, and so on.

The question is will it be open to the public, and if it is, will anyone go?

I'll tell you this, I have ZERO desire to see, smell, or touch that cup unless it is with the Boston Bruins, not a former coach.

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