The Windsor Fair Has Kicked Off in Central Maine for Fun for All


According to Bill Mackowski and his wife Francine beat the state record for their amazing pair of jack-o’ -lantern pumpkins beating the weight of their entries from 2019.  Those are some big pumpkins weighing in at 159 lbs. and 129 lbs.!  It’s great to see the Windsor Fair come back after it was canceled last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.


What to Do at the Fair


Take in the fresh air, check out the award-winning pumpkins, check out some 4-H events.  There will be rides and music and of course lots of good food.  The Windsor Fair is held on the Windsor Fairgrounds on Ridge Road in central Maine.  There is still time to get in on the fun before the fair ends on September 6.  If you have never been to a country fair, you don’t know what you are missing.


Something old, something new


According to just like in the past there will be contests like the one for the largest pumpkin.  In addition, this year will be featuring a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic.  If you haven’t gotten the jab, you can get it at the fair if you do, you can get a free pass for entry into the fair.  That’s an incentive to get your shot if you haven’t received it yet.  This will be the first year the Windsor Fair will feature a beer garden and be served alcohol.  Let’s be safe out there and not ruin it so we can have a beer garden next year.  The town loosened restrictions for this year.  Go have some fun kids!





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