The internet can be a pretty toxic place. I have actually made a rule for myself that I don't look at my phone after 6 pm at night (unless I am setting my alarm). I've noticed that the night time scrolling and doing deep dives into comment sections just fills me with anxiety and then I have a hard time sleeping.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I wish there were two internets. One for the people who want to use it as a platform to argue with people about politics and insult strangers. The other for the people who want to see cute pictures of babies, seals holding hands while sleeping, and watch videos about the unlikely camaraderie between and duck and a horse. As you can probably assume, I consider myself a member of the ladder. And if you do too, then get ready to feel copious amounts of joy.

Charlene Swainamer was kind of enough share this photo on the U local New Hampshire Facebook page. She captioned the photo:

"Greetings U Local New Hampshire. Anyone need snow removal help. These guys will work for treats 🙂"

Charlene Swainamer via Facebook

Charlene Swainamer via Facebook

Behold 10-year-old Gabriel, 2-year-old Morgan  and 4-year-old Amelia from Canaan, New Hampshire.

This won't come as a surprise but this photo brought tons of smiles and pretty much won the snow day. Here's what the people are saying:

Mickey Quartarone Slattery:
They are so darn cute!! I would definitely hire these three.

Lesley Pimentel:
I would have them do my driveway in a heart beat. So adorable.

Sally Poikonen:
Love your helpers !!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Yup, it doesn't get much cuter than this, folks!

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