New Cat Takes Over at Mount Washington Observatory


I reported sadly about the loss of Marty the Mount Washington Observatory official cat.  He was just a year away from retirement when he passed away.  He passed due to an unforeseen illness unexpectedly and the crew at Mount Washington was crushed by his loss.


Cat in Charge Since 1932


There has been a cat in service at the Mount Washington Observatory since 1932.  Part mouser, part greeter they are cat ambassadors, and much loved at the Observatory.  Marty was a beautiful Maine Coon cat with luxurious black fur, and I know he will be missed by park employees and the many visitors who have seen him over the years. I am just sorry he missed his retirement, but maybe he would have been miserable to be taken away from his home.


A New Dawn for Nimbus the Cat


A new observatory cat was chosen from among four cats waiting on adoption from the Conway Area Human Society.  Nimbus is reported to be a sociable cat who chatters, purrs, and keeps the staff members at the observatory at attention to the goings-on up there according to reporting by Summit Operations Manager Rebecca Scholand said in the announcement reported on by “With the passing of Marty in late 2020, we started the search for a new cat, knowing it would have big paws to fill.  The summit cat is such a special part of our living environment on the summit, making it feel much more like a home on our weeklong shifts.”  I look forward to visiting “Nimbus” which is the perfect name for the cat in charge at Mount Washington Observatory.



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