We've all driven through them here in Maine. We all have that intersection we drive through that you take extra care and drive through defensively because you just know that if you aren't looking out for the other drivers, they could very easily end up running into you.

There could be all sorts of reasons these intersections cause your knuckles to turn white as you grip the steering wheel.

Cars travel too fast. There are 5 lanes of traffic and the person is in the farthest lane from the one they want to be in. Drivers come zooming down highway off-ramps and don't bother to yield when merging into traffic.

Some drivers may just not be familiar with an intersection and cause an accident because they don't know what to do.

The Maine DOT actually keeps a record of every single car accident that occurs in Maine and they make that data available to the public. You can search their database to find crash data in your town and know which intersection has the most accidents. You can search by town, county, police department, or the entire state.

After having made a list from responses from my Facebook friend when asked what they thought was the worst intersection in Maine, I wanted to put some real data behind it, so I searched the MDOT's cash data to come up with the top 25 intersections in Maine that had the most crashes in 2021.

From as far north Bangor and as far south as Sanford, there are towns and cities with an intersection in that top 25.

Here's the list, and wait until you see what the top 3 intersections all have in common.

The 25 Intersections in Maine That Had The Most Crashes in 2021

The Maine DOT keeps a record of accidents at intersections throughout Maine, and these are the 25 intersections that had the most in 2021.

You can also see the top intersections with the most crashes in 2022 by clicking here as well.

The Worst Intersections in Maine

Here's just a handful of some of the worst intersections in Maine chosen by me and some of my Facebook friends who chimed in to share in the misery of navigating through them.

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