Boy did people have thoughts about this one, and rightfully so.

Last year, we went on Facebook to ask what you think the best towns in New Hampshire are. Over 200 comments poured in from locals eager to vouch for their beloved town, city, and community. After all, there are many nice places to live in here in the Granite State, and we're very lucky to live where we do.

Of course, questions concerning the "best" of anything are clearly subjective, as everyone has their own definition of what designates something as "the best." You might currently live in the same community that you grew up in, and have a soft spot for the area as a result. Maybe to you, the best towns have larger populations and more businesses rather than being rural. Or, you may have a preference for places close to the ocean or mountains. Regardless, everyone has their own perspective on things, which makes this topic all the more interesting.

Ok, so enough of our chatter. What town got the most "votes" and is the best in New Hampshire?

It took us a hot minute to tally the results, but here's a countdown list for you. It starts at #14 and works its way down to #1, so be sure to scroll to the bottom to find out what place took the top spot (it certainly wasn't what this writer expected).

These Are 10 of the Best Towns in New Hampshire, According to Locals

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see what town was deemed the best according to Granite Staters.

Did your town make the list? Let's take a look at the 20 least populated towns in New Hampshire.

These Are the 20 Least Populated New Hampshire Towns

What names do you recognize?

These Are the 20 Most Populated New Hampshire Towns

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