There's something magical that happens around this time of year when the holiday season is in full swing.

People all over are breaking out their fluffy Christmas blankets and settling down on the couch beside the Christmas tree, equipped with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Holiday carols are playing on repeat, stores are bustling with shoppers getting gifts for their loved ones, and evening drives come with a free serotonin boost from the twinkly lights illuminating the night sky.

One way to get into the Christmas spirit is by spending time in cozy towns that resemble those in Hallmark movies. Thankfully, these places exist throughout the US, especially in New England.

In 2022, Trips to Discover shared this list of the 50 most magical winter wonderland towns in the United States, twelve of which were in New England. Stacker later published a similar list, this time highlighting 50 of the nation's coziest towns to visit during the wintertime.

Now, House Beautiful magazine has joined the conversation by sharing the country's 30 best Christmas towns for a magical winter getaway, six of which are in New England. These special communities represent New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut (sorry, Rhode Island), and take the concept of Christmas to a whole new level with spectacular light displays, boat parades, tree-lighting festivals, and more.

So what are we waiting for? Let's learn about these six New England towns where you can live out your Hallmark holiday dreams.

New England's Top Christmas Towns Are Perfect for a Magical Winter Getaway

House Beautiful magazine shared the nation's 30 best Christmas towns for a magical winter getaway, including these six New England locations.

Gallery Credit: Megan

8 of the Coziest New England Towns to Visit This Winter

Stacker published this list of the nation's 50 coziest towns to visit during the wintertime, including these eight New England locations.

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12 of the Most Magical Winter Wonderland Towns Are in New England

Gallery Credit: Meg

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