Fall is the greatest time of the year in New England. Don't get me wrong...I love the summer. I'm a beach guy through and through. But if you live in New England then you know how blessed we are to have the most beautiful fall foliage anywhere in the United States.

The hardest part is deciding to where to go first to see the most vibrant fall colors. So where should you go? Well, according to an article in Travel and Leisure, Yelp created a list of the most-loved destinations in the country for leaf peepers. I'm going to focus on the top spots just in New England. And topping the list...

Fall Foliage In Northeast U.S.
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Bar Harbor, Maine. The article points out the unflagging beauty of Acadia National Park. Who can argue with that? Acadia has to be one of the most beautiful places in the country on any day of the year. But add in the blazing colors of fall...and it's truly an autumn paradise.

The second New England spot that gets the leaf love from Travel and Leisure is Newburyport, Massachusetts. As someone who spends a significant amount of time in Newburyport...I have to concur. Maudslay State Park, and Parker River National Wildlife Refuge are both beautiful spots to spend a fall afternoon. The article claims one Yelp reviewer described it as “a movie set for a Colin Firth period drama.”

Lincoln, New Hampshire rounds out the top three. The article suggests New Hampshire’s Flume Gorge as the spot for amazing fall foliage.

And taking honorable mention, a spot many of us are familiar with in New Hampshire...Laconia. The Lakes Region is a spectacular spot for an afternoon of taking photos. The brilliant yellows, reds, and oranges combined with the beauty of the lake make for amazing photo ops.

Fallen Genkgo Leaves Form A Carpet In The Midwinte
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If you're interested in keeping track of the best times to see the brilliant colors of fall, check out Foliage Tracker. The website say you can use a sliding bar to view approximate color change weekly throughout the fall season. They have a map with updated foliage reports, and photo opportunities. They even suggest scenic drives for each region. And they have foliage reports for all of New Hampshire.

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