It may seem like a strange concept, but let's have some fun with this unusual what-if.

We all know that each state has its own unofficial social rules. Just take a look at the 12 things that shock people after moving to New Hampshire, or 25 things that Mainers that have to explain to people from far away. Whether it's how we talk, dress, or interact with others, the things we do for fun, the food we eat, or something else, each state is unique in its own way, especially New Hampshire.

I safe to say that an unofficial list of rules for newbies and out-of-staters could come in handy. To add to the dramatization, let's call these guidelines the Ten Commandments of New Hampshire.

So let's use our imaginations. If two stone tablets were ever carried down from the tallest peak of Mount Washington, what words of wisdom would be inscribed on them?

You might already have ideas popping into your head, as did many of our Facebook followers. We got so many humorous suggestions that it was hard to pick just ten to highlight. Heck, we even added a bonus 11th commandment.

So, in no particular order, here are the Ten Commandments of New Hampshire, as determined by Granite Staters. We have a feeling you'll find them all too relatable.

These Are the Ten Commandments of New Hampshire

If two stone tablets were carried down from the peak of Mount Washington, these are the words of wisdom that would be inscribed on them.

Gallery Credit: Megan

Speaking of state rules, let's take a look at some unwritten New Hampshire rules that all residents know.

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