You know it’s Summertime on the Seacoast when the farmers markets start popping up again! One of our favorites is the Rochester Farmers Market which happens every Tuesday at the Rochester Common. They are making Tuesdays cool again from 3pm-6pm until September 28th.

Something that really caught my eye was a vendor out of Somersworth, New Hampshire called The Salted Knot. They sell artisanal soft pretzels and according to Patti on a Rochester, NH Community Facebook page these traditional German pretzels are life changing. Allegedly he sold out of them in an hour and a half last week. Dang! (he said he would bring more this week) It appears he is running a rainy day special today, 3 pretzels for $12. I love a soft pretzel!  I definitely need to try one of these bad boys.

Matt Brown via Facebook
Matt Brown via Facebook

You can also find delicious strawberries, jams, mushrooms, flowers, seedlings, meat, bacon, relishes, sauces, breads, soaps, raffle chances and yes, ICE CREAM at the Rochester Farmers Market. This week they had a local musician named Chris Torrey perform. It’s a whole experience! Go get some delicious, fresh food for your belly and support local vendors at the same time. Sounds like a win win to me! Follow the Rochester Farmers Market on Facebook for updates all Summer long.

What other local Farmers Markets do you love to frequent in the Summer? Let me know in the comments!

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