Multiple states top the list of vacation homes, as New England cleans up, according to recent data.

We know it from traffic, crowded restaurants, and long lines at amusement parks, summer is prime time for New England. In just a few short months, we go from tundra to world destination status. Sometimes, people visit us and decide to stay. Many times, they just buy a vacation home. reports that  IPX1031, an investment property exchange firm, which recently researched vacation hot spots across the U.S. They say Maine has the highest percentage of vacation homes in the country, with Vermont and New Hampshire trailing close behind.

Get this: Nearly 20% of homes in Maine are considered vacation residences. After all, they are called Vacationland. According to the report, they clocked in with 19.30 percent. Here in New Hampshire, 11.79 percent of homes are vacation homes.

The idea that everyone vacations in Florida? True, but the came in at #6


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